Walk the Walk

Walk the Walk is an app that aids the 6 x BIO-DASH Well-being program sessions by the Centre for Positive Psychology at the University of Melbourne. The game helps make learning about well-being more contextually engaging for young people to encourage users to practise the well-being techniques taught during BIO-DASH so they will be ready to handle real-world situations when they arise in day to day life, such as Sport Performance, Social and Academic Anxiety.

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Gameplay Video

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Bio-Feedback Devices

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The Muse

The device used to measure Focus used in Walk The Walk and the Bio-Dash program is called the Muse. This device uses EEG technology to monitor your brainwaves and relay your current state of focus in real time.

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the pip

The device used to measure Relaxation in Walk The Walk and Bio-Dash program is called The Pip. The Pip teaches you how to manage your stress better. This device measures your sweat conductivity to share your state of relaxation in real-time.

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