Who we are

We want to build a world where everyone interacts with games in a positive way. Such as improving their capacity to communicate or learn new skills, build their resilience, and expand their emotional intelligence. We believe that games are the best way to change someone’s perspective and behaviour into something more positive and empathetic.

Why Games?

No other medium gives people the chance to put themselves into someone else’s shoes quite like games can with the agency to experience a different perspective. We believe that games can do this in a commercial capacity, reach millions of people, and still be transformational, without necessarily being tagged as a “serious/transformational game”.

“We want to transform gamers into better people and bring more people into games.”

Not Just Another Game

We want to make entertaining games for the average gamer that also makes them a better person. Because that’s what we want to do, bridge the gap between commercial and transformational games, and transform gamers into better people.

What we do


User Experience Consulting

Console Porting


Gamification Consulting

Game Development

Game Design Consulting