If you have an idea for a game or interactive experience but don’t have the resources or the skills to bring it to life

we can help you!

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Game Development

When it comes to working with clients and partners on games and applications we provide 3 main services. Some clients will need all 3, and others will prefer just one. We are adaptable so our clients and partners can have a great product.




Using game design principles such as point scoring, competition, co-op play, quests, and so on, to other areas of activity or sectors. typically as an online marketing technique to encourage engagement with a product or service.

Is this something you need? We can help!

We can work with you to bring a vast range of game design principles to your application, rather than slapping a standard points / rewards system that may not showcase your application in the best way possible. We're game designers, and we'll help you integrate game design into your application harmoniously and seamlessly.


User Experience Consultation

At their core Game Design and User Experience Design have a lot in common. They're all about ensuring the user (or player) consistently has the best experience possible. We can bring our honed User Experience Design skills to your project and help you make it the best experience it can be.

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Our Process


1. Design Consultation

The first step to building a game is to create a Design Document. At Harmonious we will work with you to create, conceptualise and flesh out your ideas.


2. Prototyping & Concept Development

We specialise in fast paced prototyping (depending on the scope of the prototype typically 4 - 8 weeks) to ensure you get the most value for your money and your project.


3. Game & Application Development

We love working closely with our clients to take their ideas or prototypes and turn them into fully realised products. Once the first 2 steps have been finalised we will begin production on your game or application. During the project’s development we will work alongside you and your team with open communication so we can iterate quickly and efficiently to ensure we are creating the best possible version of your product.

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“It is gratifying to see an organisation such as Harmonious… has a social conscience and is dedicated to also working with organisations aimed at trying to impact important issues such as crime and victimisation.”

- Jeff Pfeifer. Ph.D Director. Forenscitech

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